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934 days ago 0 comments Categories: Politics Tags: sandy hook
Reward: $500,000 For Information Leading To Arrest & Conviction For Sandy Hook         A group from New York is offering a $500,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction f
952 days ago 0 comments Categories: Politics Tags: oas, operation american spring
9/11 Dude NOT Welcome At Operation American Spring I just attempted to sign up on the Operation American Spring web site (5/3/2014). My application was rejected. I signed up as 9/11 Dude only after ch
In the debate about gun control and gun rights, the issue of mental illness is often brought up by both sides. For the gun-hating liberals, the issue seems clear. Why allow guns in the hands of those
977 days ago 0 comments Categories: Politics Tags: sandy hook, fort hood
Will someone please explain to me how an Iraq vet (Army Spec. Ivan A. Lopez) trained to kill by the US Army was only able to kill three people when he lost his mind and went on a shooting rampage at
997 days ago 0 comments Categories: Politics Tags: police state, gun rights, gun confiscation, guns, police
You can't make news like this up. This past Tuesday in Maine, police with assault rifles descended on a man's home. Police had been informed that he "had a gun". Problem was, Michael Smith didn't have
1000 days ago 0 comments Categories: Politics Tags: gun rights, bloomberg, police state, politics,
In a bid to push more draconian anti-gun legislation, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg claims he can out-spend the NRA. Among those of us who love the second amendment, Mr. Bloomberg's crimes a
1004 days ago 1 comments Categories: Politics Tags: gun control, gun laws, second amendment, gun rights
Following the verdict in the trial of Michael Dunn, the man accused of killing teen Jordan Davis, controversy has erupted over Florida's "stand your ground" laws. Two days ago, Rev. Al Sharpton led a
1005 days ago 0 comments Categories: Politics Tags: false flag, snipers, ukraine, america
It has been well documented that the FBI at the behest of the white house was planning to use snipers to assassinate leaders of the occupy wall street movement. It is also well known that a Memphis Po
1006 days ago 0 comments Categories: Politics Tags: gun confiscation, gun rights, guns
Remember that future we've been worried about, when our second amendment rights will become obsolete? Well, that day has arrived. Connecticut's draconian gun laws have rendered the state into complet
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